Not Long Hair, Even With Hair Extensions

By | February 14, 2020

This is an interesting question, especially for short-haired women; these extensions are available in different colors. Streaks are also thought of as wearing. Many girls want to look as attractive as their favorite artists, and many women are unique and unique in the event. If you want to look attractive then be slim smart, take care of facial skin as well as special care of the hair.

Why Use Hair Extensions

Apparently, their job is to show the length of the hair, but if for some reason you cannot trim the hair in time or if the cutting is damaged, then it is possible to hide these flaws at least, even if you have a problem. If the hair is thin, it also meets this deficiency. At least viewers cannot live without being affected by their thickness.

Now you can do the styling without having to shave the hair. One of the benefits is that it will provide a protective layer between your hair and the chemical products or styling tools you use. These extensions are made from real hair and also made from synthetic fibers.

You should try to buy real hair. Synthetic fibers give a slightly artificial impression. Below are the different types they mention. What are the 5 types and which color will you look for? Give this expert advice to your hairstylist. We are posting the basics here.

The first type of keratin applied extension

At one end of it, the keratin base is dried and glued to the skin of the head.

The second type is Waves

These are hair extensions that go with needles and can last for up to three months.

The third type is Tape

As the name suggests, these are glued to the hair with the help of Tape.

Glue Tape

This is the fourth type that we need to resonate with Tape.

Chip On

They have a clip on the upper end that is adjusted to the hair. These extensions can be applied temporarily, permanently, or even semi-permanently to the arcade function. If applied permanently, you will need six to eight weeks. Let them stick to it. Weddings and special events in your home run all week long, so it is not a bad idea for the occasion. Complete your embellishments by chance.


If you use hair accessories most often, the Tape type may not be suitable for you. Apply for a keratin extension. If you change the hair color frequently, the keratin extension may not be right for you.

Care Must Be Taken After Planting Them

Take lightweight extensions, or they will start to break down your hair. Brush them several times daily and allow them to stay dry and restrained. After applying them, who should not make a braid? If you apply for Permanent Hair Extensions, then use good quality hair products. Also, be aware that after the natural hair grows the extensions, they have to pull off have to be applied again.

Women’s hair is very important for their personality and the beauty of the body. Women naturally have a keen interest in making their hair more attractive. For this, they use various lotions, shampoos and soaps. Most of them do reverse damage rather than benefit their hair. Every woman, especially young girls, pay special attention to the beauty and health of their hair.

Anyway, fine hair is essential for enhancing the beauty and dignity of the hair. Good hair can be defined as being thick, shiny, soft, long and dark. It does not have dry, itchy hair. Itching, mailing or any other defect cannot be easily and quickly removed, as it is related to the overall health of the body.

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